Best Mac Lipsticks for Dark Skin

When it comes to finding the perfect lipstick, it’s important to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. For those with dark skin, finding the right lipstick shade can sometimes feel like a daunting task. That’s where Mac Cosmetics comes in – with a wide range of lipsticks in various textures and finishes, there’s a shade for everyone. 

MAC has collaborated with prominent black women in the entertainment industry, such as Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, and Nicki Minaj, to create lipsticks that are designed to flatter dark skin tones. These collaborations have resulted in some of MAC’s most popular lipsticks for dark skin, such as RiRi Woo and Viva Glam Nicki

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why in this article, we’ll be exploring the best Mac lipsticks for dark skin. We’ll dive into the different factors to consider when choosing a lipstick, including texture, finish, and pigment intensity. We’ll also discuss the importance of understanding your skin undertone, and provide tips for application.

Whether you’re looking for a classic red, a sultry nude, or a bold statement shade, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your favorite lip liner and get ready to find your new favorite Mac lipstick for dark skin.

Factors to consider when choosing MAC lipsticks for dark skin

Understanding Skin Tones 

As a long-time user of Mac cosmetics, I understand the importance of choosing the right makeup products that compliment my skin tone. One key factor to consider when choosing a lipstick is your skin undertone. Undertones are the underlying hues that can affect how makeup products look on your skin.

There are three main categories of undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool undertones have a pink or bluish tint to the skin, while warm undertones have a yellow, golden hue or  peachy tones. Neutral undertones have a balance of both cool and warm tones.

Dark skin can have warm or cool undertones, so it’s essential to determine which undertone your skin has.

Methods in determining your undertone 

To determine your undertone, there are a few methods you can try. One is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you likely have cool undertones. If they appear greenish, you likely have warm undertones. If you can’t quite tell or they appear a mix of blue and green, you may have neutral undertones.

Another method is to hold up a white shirt or piece of paper next to your face. If your skin looks more yellow or golden next to the white, you likely have warm undertones. If your skin looks more pink or rosy next to the white, you likely have cool undertones. If it’s hard to tell or your skin looks relatively neutral, you may have neutral undertones.

Understanding your undertone can make a big difference in choosing the right lipstick shade. For example, if you have warm undertones, you may want to look for lipsticks with warm, peachy or golden hues, while those with cool undertones may prefer shades with blue or purple undertones. Mac cosmetics offers a wide range of lipsticks for all skin tones, so understanding your undertone can help you choose the perfect shade that flatters your complexion.

Lipstick Finishes: 

MAC offers a range of lipstick finishes, including matte, satin, amplified, and sheer. The finish of the lipstick can affect how it looks on your skin tone, so it’s important to consider which finish will complement your complexion.

Pigment Intensity:

Dark skin can often require more pigment in a lipstick shade to show up on the lips. When selecting a MAC lipstick for dark skin, it’s essential to choose shades that are highly pigmented to ensure that the color will show up on the lips.


Finally, it’s important to consider how long the lipstick will last on the lips. MAC lipsticks are known for their longevity, but certain finishes, such as matte, can be more long-lasting than others.

When choosing a MAC lipstick for dark skin, it’s important to consider factors such as skin undertones, lipstick finishes, pigment intensity, and longevity. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that the lipstick you choose will complement your complexion and provide long-lasting color. In the next section, we’ll discuss the top 5 MAC lipsticks for dark skin.

Here is the list of Mac lipsticks for Dark Skin that I personally use which you might find interesting!

Ruby Woo 

I’m really into retro and vintage looks, that’s why I recommend Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is one of MAC Cosmetics’ most popular and iconic lipsticks. It is a bright red shade with blue undertones that gives a retro, vintage look. Here are some key features and benefits of Ruby Woo that make it stand out in the world of cosmetics:

Long-lasting: Ruby Woo is known for its long-lasting formula that stays on for hours without fading or smudging. This is due to the high-quality, pigmented formula that adheres well to the lips.

Matte finish: The matte finish of Ruby Woo gives a sophisticated and classic look that is perfect for any occasion. It does not have any shine or gloss, which makes it ideal for those who prefer a more understated look.

Suitable for all skin tones: Ruby Woo is a universally flattering shade that looks good on all skin tones. Its blue undertones make it especially flattering on cool-toned complexions, but it also looks great on warm-toned skin.

Versatile: Ruby Woo can be worn alone for a bold statement lip, or layered with other lipsticks or lip glosses for a customized look. It pairs well with neutral eye makeup or a bold winged eyeliner for a classic Hollywood look.

High-quality: MAC Cosmetics is known for its high-quality products, and Ruby Woo is no exception. The lipstick is made with premium ingredients that provide a smooth and comfortable application.

It does not surprise me to see so many good reviews about this lipstick on Amazon.

One review said: “Love the color matches many different shades of women, can run a little so be careful when re applying but overall great color still love it years later

Flat Out Fabulous 

Flat Out Fabulous is a bright fuchsia lipstick from MAC Cosmetics with a matte finish that complements my dark skin tones beautifully. The highly pigmented formula provides a bold and playful look that can add a pop of color to any of my outfits. It’s proven that the matte finish helps the color to stay put and prevent smudging throughout the day.

Flat our fabulous has raving reviews on Amazon, with 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

One review said: “Pics don’t do it justice I love it !”

One of the benefits of using Flat Out Fabulous is that it can be a versatile lipstick for many different occasions. It can be worn for a casual daytime look or dressed up for an evening out. The bright and playful color can also help brighten up any look and bring attention to the lips.

Don’t forget to exfoliate! 

When applying Flat Out Fabulous, it is important to exfoliate and moisturize the lips beforehand to ensure a smooth and even finish. A lip liner can also help prevent feathering or bleeding of the lipstick, especially for those with darker skin tones.

As a user of Flat Out Fabulous, I would expect to feel confident and bold when wearing this bright fuchsia lipstick. It is a playful and fun color that can complement many different skin tones and add a pop of color to any outfit.


Initially, I had reservations about trying Diva MAC lipstick, but now I’m grateful that I did. The shade is striking and accentuates my lips splendidly. The matte finish adds a contemporary and daring element, and I adore how it flatters my darker skin tone. I strongly suggest this lipstick to anyone seeking to incorporate a touch of boldness to their makeup style.

Diva is a popular lipstick shade from MAC Cosmetics that is well-known for its deep burgundy color and matte finish. This lipstick can complement darker skin tones beautifully and provides a dramatic look that is perfect for special occasions or evening events. The highly pigmented formula ensures that the color stays on the lips for a long time and does not smudge easily.

One of the benefits of using Diva MAC lipstick is that it can help enhance natural features and make the lips stand out in a bold and sophisticated way. This lipstick is also versatile and can be worn with a variety of different looks, whether it is a formal outfit for a special occasion or a casual night out.

On Amazon, Diva Mac got 4.5 out 5 star rating by customer reviews.

One reviewer said: “I get sooooooooo many compliments whenever I wear this color. It also stays on long and doesn’t dry out my lips!”


If you’re searching for a versatile lipstick that compliments darker skin tones beautifully, look no further than Spirit MAC lipstick. This unique mauve-brown shade provides a natural yet chic look that is perfect for daily wear. The satin finish adds a touch of glamour without being overly glossy, and the formula feels nourishing and moisturizing on the lips. After trying this shade, I can confidently say that I’m hooked and have been wearing it on repeat. I highly recommend giving Spirit MAC lipstick a try – you won’t be disappointed! 

Spirit is a mauve-brown lipstick from MAC with a satin finish that is designed to look stunning on darker skin tones. The shade is subtle yet noticeable and can be worn for any occasion. The formula is moisturizing, comfortable to wear, and provides a soft, luminous sheen without being too glossy.

One of the unique features of Spirit MAC lipstick is its versatility. The color is natural-looking and can be paired with various eye makeup styles to create a range of looks. It is a great option for daily wear, work, or casual outings. However, it is also bold enough to be dressed up for a night out or special event.

Many users have praised Spirit MAC lipstick for its flattering shade and comfortable formula. They appreciate how the color adds a touch of elegance to their makeup look without being overpowering. Additionally, the satin finish provides a subtle shine that compliments dark skin tones beautifully.

On Amazon, Mac Spirit got 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

One reviewer said: “I loved everything about this product .. Longlasting , Very flattering, great value for money..

Lady Danger 

Lady Danger is not for the faint-hearted, but for those daring enough to try it, this lipstick is an absolute must-have. Its stunning matte finish and playful, fun color will surely turn heads and make you stand out in a crowd. And don’t be surprised if you receive compliments left and right when you wear it. Lady Danger is the perfect lipstick for those who want to make a bold and confident statement. If you’re ready to take a risk and elevate your makeup game, Lady Danger is definitely worth trying.

Lady Danger is a standout lipstick from MAC that features a bold and vibrant orange-red hue with a matte finish. This lipstick is a favorite among many for its unique shade and ability to provide a pop of color to any makeup look.

One of the great things about Lady Danger is that it complements darker skin tones beautifully. The warm undertones of the lipstick work well with deeper complexions. It’s the perfect lipstick for those looking to add some color to their makeup routine.

The matte finish of Lady Danger is also a highlight. It provides a modern and edgy look that is perfect for those who want a bold lip without any shine. The formula glides on smoothly and feels comfortable on the lips, making it easy to wear for long periods without any dryness or flakiness.

Another great thing about Lady Danger is its versatility. It can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events. It’s a lipstick that can make a statement all on its own, but also pairs well with neutral eye makeup for a balanced look.

Lady Danger got a rating of 4.6 out 5 star on Amazon. 

One reviewer said: “This is the most fabulous, insane shade of red. Looks like there’s no blue in it so it’s a hot, tomato red. I love the consistency–goes on smoothly but has body and staying power. For me it lasts most of the day unless I’m eating something really juicy. Still, it stays on beautifully and retains it’s color. Really a knock out shade”.


Looking for the ultimate vampy lip? Look no further than MAC’s Sin lipstick. This deep, dark red shade is perfect for those looking to create a dramatic, mysterious look. With a matte finish, it’s not at all drying and feels creamy on the lips. Pair it with a simple outfit for a stunning winter look. For an even more dramatic effect, try outlining your lips with Nightmoth for a truly unforgettable look. If you love dark and vampy colors, Sin is a must-have addition to your makeup collection.

The deep, dark red shade is perfect for creating a sultry, vampy look that is sure to turn heads. The matte finish provides a modern and edgy touch that complements the deep, rich color perfectly.

Creamy formula 

What sets Sin apart from other dark lipsticks is its creamy formula. While many matte lipsticks can feel dry and uncomfortable on the lips, Sin is the exception. It glides on smoothly and feels moisturizing, making it comfortable to wear for hours on end.

One of the best things about Sin is its versatility. While it’s certainly a bold color, it can be toned down for a more subtle effect by pairing it with neutral eye makeup and a simple outfit. On the other hand, for those who want to make a real statement, it can be paired with dramatic eye makeup and bold accessories for a truly show-stopping look.

Sin lipstick got a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer said: “Matte lipstick by MAC, is there anything so wonderful? The formula is a staple, not “retro matte” which is dry and chalky on application (I love it, it doesn’t budge) but just “matte.” There’s a wee bit of cream with this formula; it’s comfortable and grippy. I suggest the ozone pencil (also by MAC) underneath to prime. Liner by Buxom in plum works to but isn’t necessary. The color is rich and stunning; heavily pigmented with vivid color payoff. It’s a kind of black cherry red; some may call it wine, but that’s not quite accurate. There’s nothing warm about it. It’s cool, cool and more cool, which I love. So no brick in there at all. I think black cherry is a good description. Like all MAC matte lipsticks, you won’t wear it on your teeth (be sure to allow setting time and blot), it lasts and lasts, reapply after eating. You’ll love the deep, fruity black/red look!”


Mac Cosmetics offers a wide range of lipsticks in various textures, finishes, and shades that are suitable for all skin tones, including those with darker complexions. Understanding your undertone and considering factors like texture, finish, and pigment intensity can help you choose the perfect Mac lipstick for your skin tone. Whether you prefer a classic red, a sultry nude, or a bold statement shade, Mac Cosmetics has got you covered. So, go ahead and experiment with different shades and finishes to find your new favorite Mac lipstick for dark skin. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application, and use a lip liner to prevent feathering and bleeding. With the right lipstick and application technique, you can rock any look with confidence and style.—Sin/MAC-Cosmetics/Lipstick

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