Unlock the Secret to Perfect Curls: The Best Hair Ties for Curly Hair


If you have curly hair, you know that finding the best hair tie can be a difficult task. Conventional elastics don’t provide enough grip, and many types of adult-sized hair ties cause breakage and split ends. One often-overlooked aspect of curly hair care is choosing the right hair tie. Using the wrong type of hair tie can cause breakage, frizz, and damage to delicate curls.

Thankfully, choosing a good hair tie for curly hair can help secure curls effectively without sacrificing the health of your hair. 

This revolutionary elastic loop has been designed specifically for curly-haired individuals so that they can easily style their curls however they want, without damage or stress on their scalp. Plus, it looks stylish and is sure to keep your luscious locks in place all day. If you’re ready to say goodbye to conventional elastics and say hello to the best hair tie for curly hair, look no further – you won’t regret it!

Definition of Curly Hair and Different Types

Curly hair is defined as any hair that has a bend or wave to it, from small and tight coils to larger ringlets. Depending on the size of its curls, there are three major types of curly hair: wavy, corkscrew and kinky. Each type can best be kept in check with a different regimen of deep conditioning treatments, oils and best practices like using a wide-tooth comb when wet and bottom up brushing when dry. When styling, finding the best products and tools makes all the difference! For example, special brushes designed to keep curls wild without tangling and the best hair tie for curly hair (like scrunches) are both highly recommended. With proper care and maintenance, everyone with curly hair can have beautiful locks they love!

Benefits of Having Curly Hair

Having curly hair has its advantages. From lower maintenance to being able to stand out from others, having curly hair comes with a unique charm. You can work it into every style you love to try, from updos and braids to beach waves and romantic curls. Your best friend for all of these styles is a good quality, light-hold hairspray or gel and the best hair tie for curly hair – the Scrunchie! With this tool, curlies have been able to create intricate and stylish bun designs that last until evening, so you don’t have to worry about your look fading away. With proper care and styling, having curly hair can be an enjoyable experience with low upkeep that gives you extra confidence.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hair Tie for Your Curls

Curly hair has its own unique needs, which means that the best hair tie for them isn’t the same as it would be for straight hair According to aad.org, wrong ways of pulling your hair back such as in a tightly ponytail, bun, or cornrows can damage your hair. Additionally, tight hair ties can cause tension alopecia, a condition where hair falls out due to prolonged tension on the scalp. Research has shown that certain types of hair ties can be particularly damaging to curly hair. For example, traditional elastic hair ties can cause hair to break or snag, while metal or plastic hair ties can get tangled in hair and cause damage

When choosing the right hair tie for your curls, Nymag recommends making sure to look for one that is soft and made of materials like silk or satin. These materials will help reduce tangles and breakage, especially when a curly style is tightly secured. Hair ties made from synthetic materials tend to cause more damage over time, so looking for softer alternatives is key to keeping your curls healthy and vibrant. 

Our Pick For The Best Hair Tie For Curly Hair

The Overall Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair: Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women

The Best Hair Ties For Extra Thick Curls: Burlybands Large Hair Ties for Thick Heavy or Curly Hair

The Best Hair Ties For Fine Curls: Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties 

The Best Scrunchies For Curly Hair: Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies

Different Types of Hair Ties Perfect for Curls

Claw Clips

Unlike traditional hair ties, these clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes to make styling your curly hair even easier. Claw clips are designed with a strong grip that keeps all your locks in place without pulling too tight or creating creases. This makes them the perfect go-to for those looking for a secure hold without sacrificing the health of their hair.

Elastic Bands with Padded Ends

If you’re looking for a gentle but firm way to tie your hair while avoiding any potential kinks, elastic bands with padded ends are the perfect solution. These colorful and fun hair ties provide an even tension on all parts of the hair without causing any frizz or breakage.  They come in a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit.

Scarf/Fabric Wrapped Ponytail Holders

For those with super thick and unruly curls, the fabric-wrapped ponytail holders are a perfect choice. Not only do they provide an extra cushion between your hair and elastic bands, but they also help keep your curls smooth without breakage.

Double-Pronged Hair Clips

These clips are specifically designed for curly hair and are great for those who want a secure hold without having to tie their hair. With two prongs that grip the strands of hair, these clips offer maximum hold while reducing any potential breakage or damage. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the best one to match your outfit.

Spiral Hair Ties

If you want to put an end to tangles and knots, spiral hair ties are a must-have. These curled elastic bands provide a secure hold while keeping your curls nice and smooth. Plus, they’re easy to use and come in many fun colors!


Scrunchies are a popular choice for curly hair because they are gentle on hair and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They provide a secure hold without pulling or tugging on hair, and they can also help prevent creases or marks in hair.

While each of these types of hair ties can be used for curly hair, it’s important to choose one that is gentle and non-damaging. According to Bydie, elastic hair ties should be avoided or used sparingly to prevent breakage, while scrunchies and spiral/hair coil ties tend to be more gentle and effective for curly hair.

Our Pick For The Best Hair Tie For Curly Hair

The Overall Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair: Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women

  • Plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Hygienic

These unique spiral-shaped hair ties are designed to securely grip your hair and keep it looking great all day long. Not only do they come in a range of vibrant colors, they are also made from durable materials that promise to last through any weather. With these spiral hair ties, you can trust that your style will stay put, and you’ll never have to worry about having a bad hair day again.

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women have received reviews from customers across the web – with over 522 4-star reviews on Amazon and an impressive 1638 5-star reviews on Walmart

One reviewer said: I have curly hair and this did not break my hair or cause me to have snarks in my hair. Everyone likes them so I don’t have many left. Lol l will have to buy more.

Another reviewer love it: “I really love these hair ties, I have thick curly hair and tend to throw it up a lot. The only downside is these do not go back to their normal size for me. I will rotate through them and put the ones I’ve used on a doorknob so they can shrink back as much as they will before using them again. They also tend to twist after using them, so just something to be aware of. They’ve never broken before though so I would buy them again.”

One of the things that sets Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women apart from its competitors is their unique spiral shape. This exclusive design allows the hair tie to securely grip your hair, preventing any creases or flyaways – so you can be sure your style will stay in place all day long. 

What sets Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women apart from their competitors is that they are designed with a unique spiral shape. This special design means that the tie can securely grip your hair, giving you an all-day hold that won’t let you down. They also come in an array of gorgeous and vibrant colors to brighten up any look! 

The newest version of Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women introduces an even more secure grip than before. This updated design provides an extra hold that won’t let you down – keeping your style in place all day long! 

The only downside to Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women is that they may be a bit more expensive than standard hair ties. However, considering the improved grip and vibrant colors that come with the new version, this may be worth it for those looking for a reliable product. An improvement could be made by offering more options in terms of size so that everyone can find their perfect fit.

The Invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties is a great alternative to the Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women. It utilizes a unique spiral design, which helps minimize creasing and snagging of hair while creating a secure grip. The Invisibobble offers an impressive array of colors and sizes, giving users more options when it comes to finding their perfect fit. Compared to Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties for Women, the Invisibobble offers superior style and versatility, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an interesting and unique way to tie their hair up.

The Best Hair Ties For Extra Thick Curls: Burlybands Large Hair Ties for Thick 

Heavy or Curly Hair

  • Scrunchie
  • No Slipping (Even While Exercising)
  • No Damage To Hair

The Burlybands Large Hair Ties for Thick Heavy or Curly Hair are the perfect solution for those with thick, heavy, or curly hair who want a hairstyle that won’t fall apart. These elastic bands are designed to provide superior grip and hold, so you can feel confident your style will stay in place all day. 

This hair tie has become a customer favorite on Amazon and Walmart, with an impressive 82 four-star reviews on Amazon and 101 five-star reviews on Walmart

One reviewer said: “I have curtly hair & a lot of it, it’s very difficult to find a hair band that actually holds my hair. I typically wears these to work every night & my it never moves. Highly recommend if you have heavy hair”

What sets the Burlybands Large Hair Ties apart from its competitors is its strong and long-lasting grip. This powerful hold keeps hairstyles secure throughout the day, so you never have to worry about adjusting or fixing your hair. It’s also resistant to breakage and can be used multiple times for maximum value. 

The Burlybands Large Hair Ties have been improved in their latest version, offering a stronger and longer-lasting grip than ever before. Customers can now enjoy a secure hold that won’t slip or break throughout the day – no matter how thick your hair is! The new version is more resistant to breakage, making it even better value for money, as it can be used multiple times.

The only downside to the Burlybands Large Hair Ties is that they can be difficult to remove from thick hair. We have noticed that the grip becomes tighter when you use it often and it takes some effort to get them out. Improvement could be made in this area by creating a hair tie with an adjustable grip – allowing you to have maximum control over your hairstyle without worrying about it becoming too tight or loosening throughout the day. Additionally, softer materials could be used to make the ties more comfortable on the scalp.

The Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring is a potential competitor to the Burlybands Large Hair Ties. Both products offer secure hold and adjustable grip – perfect for thick hair. The main difference between the two is that the Invisibobble Hair Ring uses a spiral shape design, making it easier to remove from hair compared to the traditional tie shape of the Burlybands Large Hair Tie. The Hair Ring’s unique design offers more scalability when it comes to creating different hairstyles – allowing you to create tight buns or ponytails with ease. However, it also costs slightly more than the Burlybands Large Hair Tie and may not last as long due to its thinner design.

The Best Hair Ties For Fine Curls: Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties 

  • Elastic
  • Perfect To Hold Ponytails
  • Big Value Pack

Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties are the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their hair tied up and out of the way. These high quality elastic hair ties are designed with 100% stretch strength, making them perfect for thicker hair without fear of breakage or slipping. They come in a variety of fun styles and colors that can help you express your personal style. With Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties, you can confidently hold your hair in place all day with maximum comfort and minimal damage.

Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties are highly rated and acclaimed by customers. The product has earned 111 four-star reviews on Amazon and 28 five-star reviews on Walmart, making it a top choice for many looking to keep their hair held securely in place. 

Here is from one reviewer:I bought these as stocking stuffers for my wife and daughter. They both have thick, long, curly hair, and I’m always telling them that they’re so beautiful that they need to keep their hair off their faces. These do the trick wonderfully! Only disadvantage is that I find them EVERYWHERE. That being said, I appreciate being able to see their gorgeous faces and it’s a small price to pay when I find them wrapped up in my laundry.”

Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties stand out from the competition due to their superior strength and stretch. With a 100% stretch strength, customers are able to keep their hair securely held in place all day, with minimal damage and maximum comfort. The product also comes in a variety of fun styles and colors, allowing customers to express themselves while they keep their hair under control. 

The latest version of Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties is a major upgrade over the previous version. The 100% stretch strength offers unparalleled control and support, while the fun styles and colors give customers more options for expressing themselves. 

While Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties offer superior strength and control, they do come with a few downsides. We noticed that the strong grip of the hair tie, can be difficult to remove without causing damage to your hair. We also noticed that the product stretches and loses its shape over time. To improve upon this version, Kenz Laurenz could use stronger material that is less prone to stretching or consider releasing an even stronger version of this product.

Scunci No Damage Elastic Hair Ties offer a great alternative to Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties for those looking for an elastic tie with a bit more flexibility. The no-damage construction helps protect hair from breakage and styles remain secure even in the most active situations. However, these ties lack the same intense grip and control offered by the Kenz Laurenz variety, making them better suited for lighter-duty styling needs.

The Best Scrunchies For Curly Hair: Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies

  • Soft and Comfy
  • Scrunchie
  • No Crease Hair Tie

These stylish accessories are made with high-quality satin fabric that helps keep hair secure while also protecting it from damage associated with traditional elastic bands. With plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, there’s something for everyone. They are quite affordable, making them perfect for any budget.

The popularity of Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies is evidenced by the large number of positive reviews from customers on Amazon and Walmart. With 163 4-star reviews on Amazon, and 794 5-star reviews on Walmart, these hair accessories are clearly a hit. 

One reviewer said: “I recently started learning how to take better care of my hair. In this process, I learned I have curly hair which was a shock to say the least. I changed from regular fabrics scrunchies and ties to silk ones which looked expensive. These are cheap and worth it! They are very gentle and only 3 wraps is keeping my hair in place gently over night and through the day. Very pleased, not sure how they will last but at this price absolutely worth it!”

Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies stand out from the competition due to their luxurious look, high-quality construction and affordable price. They are made with satin fabric, which is known for being gentle on hair and helping keep it secure. They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns for every style – meaning there’s something for everyone. Plus, at an affordable price, no one has to break the bank to get trendy hair accessories that make a statement.

The latest version of Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies are a significant upgrade from their previous iteration. They are made from higher-quality satin fabric that not only looks more luxurious and stylish, but also helps keep hair secure without causing damage. The range of colors and patterns for every style has been improved upon, meaning customers can find something to match any outfit. Plus, the price remains affordable, so everyone can afford to get their hands on some of these trendy accessories.

Although Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies are a great product, there are some downsides. We noticed that the quality of the fabric can sometimes be inconsistent, meaning there may be some variation in feel or finish. We also noticed that they can also be prone to fraying or stretching with long-term use. To improve the quality of the scrunchie, manufacturers could experiment with using different fabrics and reinforcements that are designed to last longer. This would help ensure that customers get an excellent product each and every time they purchase one.

One possible competitor of the Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies is Goody Ouchless Hair Accessories. This product features an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit and comes in a range of colors and styles. It may offer a more affordable option than the original, but customers should pay close attention to the quality before making any purchase. Goody Ouchless Hair Accessories are made of an extra soft fabric that can hold up to regular use, ensuring that users get their money’s worth with every purchase.

Tips for Using Hair Ties on Curly Hair:

While choosing the right hair tie is important, it’s also essential to use it properly to prevent damage to curly hair. Here are some tips for using hair ties on curly hair:

  1. Avoid using hair ties when hair is wet: Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so it’s best to avoid using hair ties on wet hair. If you must tie wet hair, opt for a silk or satin scrunchie or a microfiber hair towel.
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner or oil before tying hair: Applying a leave-in conditioner or oil before tying hair can help keep it moisturized and prevent breakage.
  3. Avoid tying hair too tightly: Tying hair too tightly can cause tension on the hair and scalp, leading to breakage and hair loss. Instead, opt for a looser hold or use a hair accessory such as a headband or hair clip.
  4. Avoid tying hair in the same spot: Repeatedly tying hair in the same spot can cause breakage and weaken hair. Instead, alternate the placement of your hair tie to prevent damage.

By following these tips, you can help keep your curly hair healthy and prevent damage while using hair ties.


To wrap things up, if you are looking for the best hair tie for curly hair, it really depends on your personal preference. You may prefer something that doesn’t leave a dent upon release, or one that will keep all your curls in place even after a long day of wear and tear. Regardless of what you choose, it’s best to experiment with several options to find the best fit for your luscious locks.

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